i don’t read “uwu” as a smiley face in my head i read it as “ooo woo”

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21 Amazing Facts About Tigers

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;v; giant cats! <3 I want one.

i want pet tiger

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please just — just see me.

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"Shall we, uh, do you wanna go get some coffee or chips, or something, or chips and coffee?"

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Doctor Who - Season 8 - Intro

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Clara Oswald in Deep Breath

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"Where did you get this number?" 
From the woman in the shop.”

"Someone obviously wants you to be with me."

I would love it if River was the woman in shop. When River sees Clara in the conference call at the end of S7, even though someone introduces them to each other, River doesn’t seem particularly surprised at seeing her.

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clara oswald + the kübler-rose model

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