Baby Sherlock and his bee plushie.

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Another ’ Sherlock ’ Season 03 Still Photographer ? - The Works Of OLLIE UPTON !

[ Karin says : ]     I’ve stumbled upon a second still photographer for Sherlock Season 03 - Ollie Upton.

#01 and #02 had been taken July 31 2013 in Cardiff (now I know what Benedict’s ’ Costume ’ Coat had concealed), the rest August 5 2013 (as those are inside scenes, probably also in Cardiff).

Don’t click the images / follow the links above.

Instead, refer to the links below for versions either with a width of 1800 pixels or 4256 pixels.

01 02 03 04 05

fuck, can I get a job like that?

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A Study in Sherlock’s facial expressions (The Empty Hearse)

It should be against the law for a man to be this gorgeous.

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It’s funny how people are always wanting to prove me wrong on this one. They say: 'But he's not a high-functioning sociopath.'

I never said he was! Sherlock Holmes tells people he is. Why would you listen to him?

Nobody can define themselves.

That’s what he’d like people to think he is. And that’s it—and I think he probably longs to be one. I think he loiters around prisons for the criminally insane, envying them their emotional detachment.

He knows emotion is a problem to him.

A man who has decided to suppress all his emotions in order to be better at what he does clearly has an awful lot of emotion. That’s a very simple deduction. It clearly is a problem for him. So, in itself, that is an emotional decision.

Steven Moffat

(Babel on SVT Sweden, April 2014 [x])

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The Holmes Family [print]

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I love this scene. So awkward… So terrible… So Sherlock.

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∞ Scenes of Sherlock

Mycroft: Maybe he just doesn’t mind being different. He doesn’t necessarily have to be isolated.
Sherlock: Exactly.

I loved this scene so much. It seems a bit as though they’re both talking about Mycroft - “Maybe he just doesn’t mind being different. He doesn’t necessarily have to be isolated”, aka Mycroft knows that he’s different but doesn’t consider himself isolated or lonely. Sherlock seems to also be saying here that he knows he’s different and doesn’t mind, but he is lonely. He used to be isolated and never noticed it, was never bothered by it, but now that he’s had a friend and lost him, he’s lonely. Which is sad. But having put the silly hat on seems to also be, combined with his slightly-defiant-yet-self-satisfied expression here, he’s not only come to terms with who he is but is okay with it. He knows he wants a friend and he’s chosen not to see it as a weakness. Just a part of who he is. 

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