Omg rumbelle… 😱


Omg rumbelle… 😱

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The fandom has had a lot of appreciation weeks for different characters and relationships in the past month or so, and I thought it was time for one for the show in general. This is an appreciation week to show our love for Once Upon a Time as a whole, and is open to any and all Oncers who want to participate! It’ll run from July 27th to August 3rd, and will go in this order:
  • Day One: Favorite Character
  • Day Two: Favorite Relationship
  • Day Three: Favorite Land/Location
  • Day Four: Favorite Story Arc
  • Day Five: Favorite Episode
  • Day Six: Favorite Season
  • Day Seven: Favorite Overall Moment
This is meant to be a safe and fun week for all Oncers to enjoy, no matter from what side of the fandom they come from. Please make sure to tag ouataw in the first five tags of any edits so we can all see them come together collectively. And please, reblog this post if you intend to participate, and to spread the word to other Oncers!

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Red apples are so sickly sweet don’t you think.
And green apples are just bitter.

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Georgina Haig on the set of Once Upon a Time
Georgina Haig on the set of Once Upon a Time

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When Once Upon a Time producers asked their parent company, Disney, for permission to use characters from its 2013 animated megahit Frozen on their ABC fairy-tale mash-up this fall, they expected a chilly response. But Disney let the characters go (let it goooo!), and now fans of both the film and the show are excited - and maybe a tad nervous. Reimagining dusty Disney icons such Prince Charming is one thing, but Frozen is red-hot - the highest - grossing animated film of all time, with a possible sequel in the works.

What is Once planning to do with Disney’s newly crowned royalty, Queen Elsa and Princess Anna?

Showrunners Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz insist that capturing a faithful live - action version of Frozen’s heroines is their top priority. And relax: There’s no big character twist (like when the series turned Peter Pan into a villain). “We want to do our best to honor what fans loved about that movie”, Horowitz says. (“The Frozen story line will be introduced in this fall’s season 4 premiere and will conclude midway through the season - so these toys are “going back on the shelf”, the producers say, once this are is over.)

The arc will not include a love interest for Elsa, a character praised for giving young fans a Disney Princess with an independent streak. Nor are the producers going to try palling off a live-action incarnation of chatty snowman Olaf. “His story in the movie is so beautiful, the story we want to tell doesn’t involve trying to expand upon that, nor do we think it should”, Horowitz says. And there won’t be any musical elements from the film. So what are the producers planning? Newcomer Elizabeth Lail was cast as adorable Anna, Greek vet Scott Michael Foster as her love interest Kristoff, Fringe alum Georgina Haig as Anna’s ice-wielding sister , Elsa, and Lost veteran Elizabeth Mitchell as, well, Mitchell’s role is a mystery, but the producers say one of the top two fan theories is correct. (She’s either the original Snow Queen or Anna and Elsa’s mother, who was presumed dead in the film.)

Like Frozen, the show will focus on the relationship between Elsa and Anna, and explore the idea that you never give up on the people you love.

"At the end of the day," Kitsis says, "this is really expensive fan fiction."

Source: EW


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'Once Upon a Time' showrunners spill 'Frozen' secrets (no Olaf!)


After a brutal hike up icy peaks to the Once Upon a Time set in Arendelle, we cornered the showrunners of ABC’s fantasy hit and demanded answers about season four’s much-buzzed-about Frozen storyline. Is Olaf going to be on the show? Are they going to give Elsa a love interest? How big a part of the show will Frozen be? And who is Elizabeth Mitchell playing, exactly? After a brief chase involving reindeers, sleighs and trolls, writer-producers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz finally agreed to take our questions about their live-action take on the biggest animated movie of all time: 

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Disney has been really accommodating to you in the past. But studios have historically been reluctant to let TV shows mine a current film franchise. Frozen was so huge, and there’s a possible sequel in the works. How did you convince them to let Once into this world?

Edward Kitsis: We really felt the characters would be a great fit for our show to incorporate into our universe. We really just asked, we took a shot, and we were pleasantly surprised when Disney said yes.

Adam Horowitz: There was a lot of support from within the company and we were very grateful. They trusted us with something and we take that very seriously, because it’s not just important to the company—it’s important to millions of fans of Frozen, and we want to do our best to honor what they loved about that movie, and more particularly, about those characters.

What’s your biggest concern taking this on creatively?

Horowitz: To do it justice. We would never want to re-do the movie. But we want this to feel like a part of [the movie] and feel a part of our show. We want it to walk that line of being part of the Once Upon a Time universe, but also feel like part of the Frozen world.

Read the rest of the interview at EW.com [x]

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The sad thing is, if writers actually return their focus back to characters and their relationship with others and the place they are currently, instead of these “a new villain challenges you” crap every 10 episode, OUAT would be great.

Why? Because they used that formula that succeded so well and made S1 seemed immaculate, in OUAT:IW and it worked brilliantly.

- Jafar was as ruthless as Regina was.
- Alice/Cyrus mirrored Snow/Charming
- Ana/Will had this beautiful ‘lonely girl fell for poor thief’ story (I won’t spoil if you haven’t seen it) and it gives Emma/Neal feels (ALL the parallels)
- Jabberwock was as manipulative as Gold/Rumple was
- Secondary characters were used to the max: Rabbit to Ruby
- Locations: you get to see the insides of a lot of buildings instead of jumping from one place to another feeling like a tourist on a 14 days tour across 7 cities of Europe.

OUAT in Wonderland


Okay, I think I don’t understand something… We saw the Knave of Hearts in the first episode walking down the street of Storybrooke, he even drank coffee at Granny’s. I guess it was before breaking the curse in Storybrooke. Buuut it’s still the 21st century. And then we have Alice’s father who seems to still live in the 19th century. What the…? Oo

[I’m on the episode 7 of OUAT in Wonderland]

It isn’t made clear within the narrative of the show, but Alice’s Victorian England isn’t our world/the world without magic. It is its own serparate realm (like Wonderland or Oz) - where it’s apparently all Victorian all the time.

As for Will at Granny’s, that is said to specificially take place after the curse is broken - in episode 2x01, “Broken” - I think when the wraith is on the warpath.


Charming Filming 7/16/2014 (x)

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Happy Birthday to the Queen.

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Georgina Haig, Elizabeth Lail & Scott Michael Foster as Elsa, Anna, & Kristoff

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